Our current big themes, and who’s working on projects related to each:

  • Design thinking and learning: Sergey, Hadi, Tiago, Robin, Molly, Francesca, Mel
  • Transformation of engineering education: Molly, Francesca, Joi, Junaid, Mel, Robin
  • Cross-disciplinary thinking, acting, and being: Tiago, Kristen, Robin, Hadi, Junaid, Mel

An incomplete list of some current projects

  • Intentional Serendipity, Cognitive Flexibility, and Fluid Identities: Cross-Disciplinary Ways of Thinking, Acting, and Being in Engineering (NSF CAREER Award, Robin Adams)
  • Changemakers: how do change agents in STEM fields acquire their change knowledge? (Collaboration with Linda Vanasupa and Roberta Herter at Cal Poly)

Some words and phrases we use a lot:

  • becoming a professional
  • critical reflective practice
  • multiple frameworks
  • multiple voices
  • social complexity and emergence
  • identity
  • communities of practice
  • nature of practice
  • narrative
  • change and changemakers
  • knowledge elicitation
  • transformative learning
  • social community
  • social neighborhoods
  • global engineering
  • epistemology
  • phenomenography
  • cognitive apprenticeship
  • socio-technical systems
  • learning partnerships
  • radically transparent research
  • storytelling
  • transformation of engineering education
  • knowing and being
  • habits of mind