Students & Alumni

Current PhD students:

  • Junaid Siddiqui – Taking a perspective for the challenges of transforming engineering education, becoming engineering education researchers
  • Tiago Forin – Reflective practices in developing global engineering competencies, cross-disciplinary thinking/acting/being
  • Hadi Ali – Nature of practice of engineering systems (Lunar Module), big picture thinking
  • Joi-Lynn Mondisa – Narratives of high-impact African-American STEM mentors, Changemakers in education
  • Mel Chua – Cross-disciplinary faculty storytelling commons, radically transparent research, Hacker School
  • Kristen Hatten – Crystallized identity, cross-disciplinary thinking/acting/being
  • Sergey Dubikovsky – Tolerance of ambiguity in authentic airplane design projects
  • Francesca Polo – Cognitive apprenticeships in online STEM learning environments
  • Molly Goldstein – Large-scale research on engineering design using big learner data logged by a CAD tool


  • Shanna Daly – Design across disciplines
  • Shawn Jordan – Success in Virtual Cross-Disciplinary Engineering Design Teams in Industry